UiiSii HM6

ø9mm Dynamic Driver


These are the first UiiSii earphones I'm testing. These pretty and well-constructed gems are a pleasure to use and take with you. The sound is clear and detailed enough, but slightly lacking loudness in the highs.


  • The sound is nicely flat (some people like it).
  • The build quality is simple, yet very nice.
  • These earphones smell amazing!


  • The treble is not remarkably fun to listen to, lacks in clarity.
  • There is basically no sub-bass, but I bet it's the intended sound signature.
  • The cable could be sturdier with a harder jacket and some proper strain reliefs.

Package & Accessories


Soft paperboard + soft plastic (clear)

Ear Tips - Single-Flange:

M, white (translucent), ø4mm grey bores

S+L, white (translucent), ø4mm bores

Build & Materials


Metal, ø5mm nozzles, soft strain reliefs


Plastic (matte), single-button


Metal, no strain reliefs


Silicone (rugged), 127cm, soft, straight


Metal, straight, short, soft strain relief

Comfort & Fit

The earphones are tiny, light and comfortable. Their shape and size make it easy to keep them in your ears.

Lows / Bass

These earphones have bass, but basically no sub-bass. More than enough to enjoy the sound though.

Mids / Vocals

The vocals are loud but are somewhat off-note (darkened), which affects the detail of vocals.

Highs / Treble

The highs are slightly colored/darkened, and just a little brilliance to the sound. Still, sounds pretty good.

Frequency Response

Published on 2015-11-09 21:59:53 (GMT)
DT200 GT500
HM7 i1 US90