TinAudio T515

ø10mm + ø6mm Dynamic Drivers


The long-forgotten brand, which goes by the name TinAudio, already had one of its products reviewed on non-English websites. Even though their earphones are very hard to come by, it is an important part of our little project to give credits for successful products like this one.

The T515 are one of the best earphones I have in my collection. Indeed, they have a few issues, but none of them are related to their sound, as the sound is nearing perfection in my standards.

I hope that one day TinAudio will realize that they are much needed in the budget earphones industry.

Sound signature: V-shaped

NOTE: The golden model presumably sounds differently according to buyers' reports, but I'm unable to confirm it.


  • Simply amazing sound quality. Getting used to these earphones is a matter of minutes.
  • One of the best dynamic-duo type earphones I had the pleasure to use.
  • The bundle has everything you need to use the earphones, and store them when you're traveling.


  • These earphones seem to require a decently powered source. Had skipping issues with these earphones on my Xiaomi Mi 5 on high volumes.
  • The inline remote's buttons rattle when you move the earphones.
  • The design is rather bland and generic.
  • These earphones are nearly impossible to get.

Package & Accessories


Chipboard (smooth)

Ear Tips - Single-Flange:

S+M+L, black (translucent), ø4mm red bores

S+M+L, grey (translucent), ø4mm bores

Ear Tips - Double-Flange:

M, grey (translucent), ø5mm bores

Shirt Clip:

Black, 360° cable holder, generic


Black, rectangular, branded

Build & Materials


Metal, ø5.5mm nozzles (ø5mm bores), soft strain reliefs


Plastic (matte), triple-button + switch*




Metal, no strain reliefs


PVC-coated, 132cm, semi-soft, mildly bent


Metal, straight, short, soft strain relief

  • The inline remote has an iPhone/Android switch on the back.

Comfort & Fit

The simplistic design of these earphones doesn't provide any kind of ergonomics, and they might fall out if you use the wrong tips. However, they are quite light and have enough ear tips to pick from.

Lows / Bass

Very deep, even though not extremely loud. It comes to the source you use with these earphones - the better the source, the better the bass. I would go as far as saying that the bass is extremely responsive, yet controlled at all times, never leaks to the mids. The crossover setup is probably the one to thank for that. Also, although I tried hard, I just couldn't get the lows to distort - I was highly impressed by that!

Mids / Vocals

Very precise and easygoing. Thanks to the controlled highs, the mids get the chance to shine without any possiblity of sibilance. I could listen to anything and it would still sound perfectly balanced and pleasant.

Highs / Treble

Highly detailed highs, vivid and bright. At the same time, they are gentle and smooth, not overemphasized like the usual bright earphones. There are no piercing peaks at all. These earphones are perfect for long listening sessions as their highs go very easy on the ears, without sacrificing the level of detail.

Frequency Response

Published on 2017-03-13 14:56:10 (GMT)
T1 T2 T200