RevoNext QT2

2 × Dynamic Drivers + Balanced Armature


A new brand that took us all by surprise: RevoNext, and their first offering has shaken the grounds of the budget audio market. The well-received QT2 are indeed one of the best earphones I've heard to date, as they have become one of my daily drivers, and they're definitely worth the nearly $50 retail price.

Superb build quality, almost identical to KZ ZS6, along with some of the most natural-sounding audio quality I've yet to experience, and even such a bass that won't leave you bored. Excellent performance on every one of my sources. Every music genre I've tested these on sounded amazingly accurate and crisp, be it electronic dance or vocal-oriented music.

While the general sound quality reminds the much cheaper TRN V20, the QT2 manages to provide a much more balanced experience, without any noticeable roll-offs or exaggerated peaks, especially in the treble region. QT2's mids sound more true-to-life and the bass seems to be more relaxed and controlled, while still being extremely powerful.

This one is a must-have for every audio enthusiast, and for every newcomer to high-fidelity budget audio.

Sound signature: Balanced

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  • A rich, highly balanced sound signature, that easily suits all music styles.
  • Extremely deep sub-bass response, makes electronic music very enjoyable.
  • Very loud and easy to drive, even on weak sources.
  • Very comfortable to wear for long listening sessions.
  • Detachable cable, which extends the lifespan of these earphones.


  • Instances of pierce are still a possibility on susceptible tracks with sharp high-pitched sounds.
  • The included cable's build quality isn't on par with these stunningly beautiful earphones' build quality.
  • No additional accessories, like a shirt clip or a carrying case, considering the price tag.

Package & Accessories


Hard paperboard + soft paperboard

Ear Tips - Single-Flange:

S+M+L, grey (translucent), ø4mm black bores


Hook and loop fastener, branded

Build & Materials


Metal, ø5.5mm nozzles (ø5mm bores)


2-pin (standard 0.75mm)


Metal, single-button


Metal, stiff strain relief


Silicone-coated (grippy), 125cm, soft, mildly bent, pre-shaped ear loops


Metal, straight, short, stiff strain relief

Comfort & Fit

The shape and fit are almost identical to that of KZ ZS6. I could wear these earphones comfortably for hours, but just like with ZS6, the QT2 might cause pressure on the ear canals for some people because of the way the nozzles are shaped.

Lows / Bass

Super-extended with a beefy sub-bass that makes every bass-centric composition as enjoyable as it gets. The mid-bass is very clean, controlled and lacks any distortions, and is responsible for the naturally warm midrange. The lows mainly focus on sub-bass, hence the upper-bass/lower-mids are very clean and never sound bloated or muddy. I'm extremely pleased!

Mids / Vocals

The mids are just dreamy! They are not recessed at all, like on many other earphones of a similar setup, but are also not edgy, which is a common issue with a huge portion of earphones, especially those with a hybrid setup. The perceptional distance of voices and instruments from yourself is phenomenal. You will feel surrounded with sounds and will also be able to tell the direction from which the sounds originate. Not only that, the mids also sound extremely natural without any coloration, at least as far as I can hear. Those mids are as universal as it gets!

Highs / Treble

Very detailed, crisp and sharp, but not fatiguing. Obviously, certain tracks (specifically under the electronic music umbrella) will still cause some pierce and it seems inevitable when it comes to bright earphones, especially those with balanced armatures located in the nozzles. However, those are some of the most extended and accurate-sounding highs I've ever heard so far. Certainly, you will get more sparkle with the extremely-extended treble of ZS6, but QT2's highs will not tire you. Compared to the similar TRN V20, QT2's treble is more accurate and detailed, less rolled-off but instances of pierce are far less likely to occur - and that what makes them truly worth their extra price.

Frequency Response

Published on 2018-05-20 15:11:26 (GMT)