ø15mm Dynamic Driver


The PMV B01 AOEDE are by no means cheap earbuds, they are quite expensive compared to the usual price points I'm dealing with. And that's where my discontent starts. Paying such a price for a pair of rather simple-looking earbuds, you expect them to sound good at the very least, and not falling apart would be nice too.

However, that's not what I experenced at all. First of all, the metal plate that covers the 3.5mm plug just fell off, exposing the TPE material underneath it and a tiny spot of dried-out glue. They cheaped out on the glue, how pathetic is that?

When it comes to sound, I would say "mediocre", compared to other earbuds I've heard so far, and when combined with the price tag, these are an absolute rip-off.


  • Decent sound quality for the casual listener. The treble has some potential.
  • Althought simple-looking, the build quality is quite good. Thick and sturdy cable.
  • Very comfortable to wear for prolonged listening sessions.


  • Bloated bass response that even distorts while it tries to reproduce deep bass content.
  • Inflated mids that cause male vocals to be fat and obnoxious.
  • PMV, please, don't cheap out on the glue next time.
  • Not what I would call "affordable".

Package & Accessories


Hard paperboard + soft plastic (clear)

Foam Pads:

4 × Black

Foam Pads - Rings:

4 × Black

Shirt Clip:

Black, 360° cable holder, generic


Black, round, branded

Build & Materials


Metal, ø17mm, metal faceplate


TPE, soft strain reliefs


TPE, 126cm, semi-soft, mildly bent


TPE, 90° angled, short, soft strain relief

Comfort & Fit

These earbuds are shaped well, and are as comfortable as earbuds get. I've no complains about the size, fit or comfort of these earbuds at all. Simple and effective design, much better than the usual MX500 design.

Lows / Bass

These earbuds are bassy, with high emphasis on the mid-bass. Sub-bass seems to be present as well, but usually overwhelmed by the mid-bass. I wanted to give them a chance to compete against other bassy earbuds. However, when I played a few tracks with some deep sub-bass, the B01 showed their true colors - boomy bass filled with distortion. In contrast, the MEMT T5 reproduced those frequencies perfectly even at high volumes.

Mids / Vocals

The vocals are just alright. When dealing with most instruments and female vocals, they sound listenable, but when playing some male vocals, things go south. Male voices sound bloated and nasal, and on medium volumes this gets highly fatiguing.

Highs / Treble

Decent crispness in highs, not the brightest and most detailed, but also not the worse I've heard. They are easy-going and non-fatiguing, but also on the harsher side, rather than the crisp and transparent side. Upper-treble is almost missing, as is the usual case with earbuds, but the lower-treble actually has enough of a presence.

Frequency Response

Published on 2018-05-23 14:29:08 (GMT)