K's Earphone K300

ø15.4mm Dynamic Driver


Got this sample for a review, although I was very skeptical about the point of getting cheap high-impedance (Ω300) earbuds, for which you'll have to buy a dedicated amplifier that costs about 3 times more than the earbuds.

Truth be told, I was not impressed. Generally, the sub-bass isn't that great and the sound is muddy - the mid-bass is bloated while the mids and highs are quiet and distant and tonally dark. Some delicate detail can be noticed but it's very distant.

These earbuds aren't bad, I just can't see their purpose, thus cannot truly recommend them, especially for their price.


  • Stable and distortion-free bass response.
  • Better-looking cable than what you would usually get with cheap earbuds.
  • Excellent variety of accessories.


  • Muddy mid-bass and under-emphasized mids and highs.
  • Very quiet when used on unamplified sources.
  • Might be uncomfortable to wear for many, given their bulky housings.
  • Left and right markings are very faded and there's no inline remote, so you'll have to use ear pads of different colors to differentiate between the channels.

Package & Accessories

Foam Pads:

2 × Black

2 × White

2 × Red

2 × Blue

2 × Grey

Foam Pads - Rings:

2 × Black

2 × White

2 × Red

Silicone Pads - Rings:

2 × Black

Shirt Clip:

Black, large, 360° cable holder, generic


Black + red, rectangular, generic

Build & Materials


Plastic (matte), ø17mm, plastic faceplate


TPE, soft strain reliefs


Silicone-coated (grippy), 122cm, soft, straight


Metal + TPE, straight, short, stiff strain relief

Comfort & Fit

I find most earbuds quite uncomfortable, and they tend to put pressure on my ears after a while. These earbuds' housings are very generic and used for many other earbuds, so there isn't anything special about the lack of ergonomics with these earbuds.

Lows / Bass

A very stable bass response, no distortions. The sub-bass isn't quite there, unless you manage to position them very tightly somehow, but the mid-bass and the upper-bass/lower-mids are highly emphasized, to the point of making the sound rather muddy.

Mids / Vocals

A significant dip in the mids and upper-mids make the sound distant and you'll get the feeling that the earphones aren't placed properly inside your ears, and you'll try to push them deeper, but then the bass and the lower-mids will be too bloated to actually enjoy the sound. Simply put, the mids are quiet, very muffled, dark and somewhat discolored. Moreover, complex music genres, like harsh EBM and heavy metal sound like a real mess. Better than many earbuds, but nowhere near what cheap in-ears can achieve.

Highs / Treble

Same as the mids, the treble is distant and muffled. Specific frequencies make it above the rest which makes them sudden and unbalanced. There's nothing that can save these earbugs from their extremely dark and quiet mids and highs.

Frequency Response

Published on 2017-08-22 15:14:29 (GMT)